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Rapid method for computing the mechanical resonances of irregular objects

A. Shragai
F. Theuss
G. Grissonnanche
B.J. Ramshaw

A solid object s geometry, density, and elastic moduli completely determine its spectrum of normal modes. Solving the inverse problem - determining a material s elastic moduli given a set of resonance frequencies and sample geometry - relies on the ability to compute resonance spectra accurately and efficiently. Established methods for calculating these spectra are either fast but limited to simple geometries, or are applicable to arbitrarily shaped samples at the cost of being prohibitively slow.

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Date Published

Universal nodal Fermi velocity

Cornell Affiliated Author(s)
X. Zhou
T. Yoshida
A. Lanzara
P. Bogdanov
S. Kellar
K. Shen
W. Yang
F. Ronning
T. Sasagawa
T. Kakeshita
T. Noda
H. Eisaki
S. Uchida
C. Lin
F. Zhou
J. Xiong
W. Ti
Z. Zhao
A. Fujimori
Z. Hussain
Z.-X. Shen
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Group (Lab)
Kyle Shen Group

Elastocaloric determination of the phase diagram of Sr2RuO4

You-Sheng Li
Markus Garst
Jörg Schmalian
Sayak Ghosh
Naoki Kikugawa
Dmitry Sokolov
Clifford Hicks
Fabian Jerzembeck
Matthias Ikeda
Zhenhai Hu
B. Ramshaw
Andreas Rost
Michael Nicklas
Andrew Mackenzie
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