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Research-Related Travel Support

Use the LASSP Travel Request: Booking & Registration Fee Payments form to make new travel help requests, such as:

  • staff paying for your travel costs up-front with T&M card, so you don't have to carry those costs
  • assistance with booking flights & lodging
  • assistance with getting reimbursed after travel
  • questions about travel, per diem, etc.

LASSP Research-Related Travel Guide: Getting Started provides an introduction to what you need to do when planning research-related travel, and includes useful information about commonly-used terms.

How to Create a Travel Reimbursement Report in Concur provides guidance on how to create a reimbursement report in Concur, the system used for reimbursement of travel expenses for any person who currently has a Workday appointment. (NB: If you are a student currently on fellowship - i.e., not paid a stipend through a Workday GRA or TA appointment - we will likely need to use a different process to get you reimbursed. Start by using the LASSP Travel Request form linked to above and we'll help determine the best course of action.)

Will you be traveling internationally? Be sure to review the helpful information on the Cornell International Health, Safety, and Security page, and register your trip.