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Past Events

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A stability bound on the T-linear resistivity of conventional metals


Informal seminar series on latest quantum theory development by up and coming researchers.

4:00pm, 701 Clark Hall

Taryn Kay

Hosted by: Michelle Wang

Title: Single-molecule investigation into early stage transcription-coupled repair

Gundeep Singh

Hosted by: Michelle Wang

Title: Investigating DNA Mechanics through Theoretical Models

12:20pm, 700 Clark Hall

CANCELED: LASSP & AEP Seminar - Feng Wang - University of California - Berkeley

Host: Kin Fai Mak

Quantitative understanding of moire physics in transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures

4:00pm, 701 Clark Hall

Hosted by: Ailong Ke

Title: Determining the structure and function of the elusive Type IV CRISPR system

4:00pm, Rockefeller Hall, Schwartz Auditorium

General Physics Colloquium and Cooper Lecture, Professor Allan MacDonald, The University of Texas at Austin

Title: The Magic of Moiré Materials

Host: Debanjan Chowdhury


Topogivity: A Machine-Learned Chemical Rule for Discovering Topological Materials

11:00am, 700 Clark Hall

Hosted by: Eun-Ah Kim

Title: Statistical mechanics with tensor renormalization group