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Past Events: 2013

Full listing

1:00pm, Physical Sciences Building, 416

Sonika Johri, Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. Presentation title: Numerical Studies of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. Host: Erich Mueller.

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 700

Adam Frost from the University of Utah, School of Medicine.

Host: Chris Fromme.

Title: Structure and function of a human ESCRT-III assembly that drives cell division.

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 700

Lena Kourkoutis, Applied & Engineering Physics, Cornell University.

Presentation title: Imaging electronic reconstructions at oxide interfaces at the atomic scale.

Host: Carl Franck.

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 700

Misha Lukin, Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Title: Exploring new frontiers of quantum optical science. Host: Alex Gaeta.

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 700

William Schief of the Scripps Research Institute presents "Epitope focused vaccine design".

Host: Summer Saraf & Lucy Brennan.

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 700

Neil Ashcroft, the Horace White Professor of Physics. Presentation title: The Physics of Element-One at Higher Densities. Carl Franck, host.

10:00am, Physical Sciences Building, Atrium

A compilation of speakers will be asked to speak on Ken Wilson's honor. More information will be listed soon.

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 700

Francis Lin from the University of Manitoba.

Host: Mingming Wu.

Title: Studying Cell Migration in Chemical and Electrical Guiding Environments Using Microfluidic Devices.

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 700

Brad Ramshaw, LANL, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM. Presentionn title: Identifying broken symmetries in correlated electron systems using resonant ultrasound spectroscopy. Host: J.C. Seamus Davis.

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 700

Prof Matt Paszek, Cornell's School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Host: Gerald Feigenson.

Title: The cancer cell glycocalyx mechanically primes integrin signaling.

Poster available.