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A model of d-wave superconductivity, antiferromagnetism, and charge order on the square lattice

Faculty Hosts: Chao-Mian Jian, and Debanjan Chowdhury

12:20pm, Clark Hall, 700

Andrea Cavalleri
Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, University of Oxford Department of Physics

Recent Progress in Driven Superconductivity


Abstract: While many-body quantum systems can in principle host exotic quantum spin liquid (QSL) states, realizing them as ground states in experiments can be prohibitively difficult. In this talk, we show how non-equilibrium dynamics can provide a streamlined route toward creating QSLs.

1:30pm, Physical Sciences Building, PSB 120

Local Quantum Probes of Quantum Matter

4:00pm, Clark Hall, 701

Structural photoactivation of light-active proteins studied by femtosecond time-resolved crystallography

12:20pm, Clark Hall, 700

Jackie Chini

Supporting Variation in Students’ Needs, Abilities and Interests in Postsecondary Physics and Beyond

4:00pm, 142 Sciences Drive Ithaca, NY14853, Clark Hall, 701

Scott Forth

Deciphering the mechanical code in complex microtubule networks

3:30pm, Clark Hall, 701

Dr. Jonathan Ruhman

Unconventional superconductivity in 4Hb-TaS2