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12:00pm, Clark Hall, 701

Title: Tunneling through a sliding ferroelecåtric
Summary: Sliding ferroelectrics host out of plane electrical polarization that can be switched by interlayer sliding. In this seminar, I will give a broad overview of this new class of ferroelectrics and will describe our work on tunnel junctions with a bilayer sliding ferroelectric barrier.

12:00pm, Clark Hall, 701

Title: Population and Phase Dynamics of Three-Magnon Scattering

12:15pm, Clark Hall, 247

Title: Can we really measure circular dichroism with circular dichroism spectrometers? Problems and solutions.

12:00pm, Clark Hall, 701

Talk Title: Accelerating Material Experiments with AI-Powered Autonomous Agents for Complex Design Spaces

12:00pm, Clark Hall, 701

Talk Title: Axial confinement of cylindrically compressed warm dense plasmas by a pulsed magnetic mirror field

12:00pm, Clark Hall, 701

Speaker: Abigail Nason (Suntivich group)

We are organizing a students and post-docs only seminar series within LASSP and AEP to encourage exchange among young researchers here at Cornell. We are looking for speakers for future sessions. If you are interested, please contact us at

12:20pm, Clark Hall, 700

Title: TBA

Abstract: TBA

Faculty Host: TBA

Pizza will be served at 12:10pm.

Please bring your own beverage.

12:00pm, Clark 701

Title: CO2 Laser Substrate Heating: The Most Interesting Solution to Epitaxy’s Most Boring Problem

12:20pm, Clark Hall, 700

Sarang Gopalakrishnan

12:20pm, Clark Hall, 700

Charles Tahan
Visiting Research Professor and Special Advisor to the President, University of Maryland