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A.J. Cortese

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Reynolds MF, Cortese AJ, Liu Q, Zheng Z, Wang W, Norris SL, et al. Microscopic robots with onboard digital control. Science Robotics [Internet]. 2022;7(70). Available from:
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Lee S, Cortese AJ, Trexel P, Agger ER, McEuen PL, Molnar AC. A 330μm×90μm opto-electronically integrated wireless system-on-chip for recording of neural activities. In: . [Internet]. 2018. pp. 292-294, . Available from:
Reynolds MF, Guimarães MHD, Gao H, Kang K, Cortese AJ, Ralph DC, et al. MoS2 pixel arrays for real-time photoluminescence imaging of redox molecules. Science Advances [Internet]. 2019;5(11). Available from: