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Michelle Wang's research group and their use of optical tweezers to manipulate DNA has garnered media attention again. Postdoctoral associate Fan Ye’s paper, “Resonator Nanophotonic Standing-Wave Array Trap for Single-Molecule Manipulation and Measurement”, describes the enhancement and optimization of optical tweezers into a nanoscale device, the nanophotonic standing-wave array trap (nSWAT)
With a little twist and the turn of a voltage knob, Cornell researchers have shown that a single material system can toggle between two of the wildest states in condensed matter physics.
Jane discusses the wing and energy dynamics that evolved over 350 million years in dragonflies. The insect's flight dynamics are related to the physical dynamics of the ornithopters displayed in the latest adaptation of Dune.
The research-sharing platform is a free resource for scholars around the world in fields including physics, math and computer science, who use the service to share their own cutting-edge research and read work submitted by others.
Physicist Eun-Ah Kim is leading the way toward applications of quantum mechanics, including the discovery of new quantum materials and the development of quantum computing.