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Past Events

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12:20pm, 700 Clark Hall

Host: Greg Fuchs

Title: Understanding noise to engineer new quantum platforms


3:00pm, Physical Sciences Building, 120

Title: Many-atom entanglement for precision experiments

10:30am, Physical Sciences Building, 120

Quantum matter, clock, and fundamental physics

2:00pm, 120 Physical Sciences Building

Hosted by Kin Fai Mak & Jie Shan

Title: New superconductors and magnets in 2D metals

12:20pm, 700 Clark Hall

Host: Eun-Ah Kim

Title: Helical tunneling of Dirac Fermions

1:00pm, 401 Physical Sciences Building

Host: Natasha Holmes

Title: A course-based near-peer mentoring program in physics

4:00pm, 701 Clark Hall

Shobhita Gupta

Hosted by: Haiyuan Yu

Title: Exploring structural protein interactome networks and their genome-wide functionalities using computational tools

Dhruva Ajit Nair

Hosted by: Brian Crane

Title: Characterizing Novel Components in the Bacterial Flagellar Motor


12:20pm, 700 Clark Hall

Host: Debanjan Chowdhury

Title: Experiments on superconducting processors at the dawn of NISQ era

12:20pm, 700 Clark Hall

Host: Debanjan Chowdhury

Title: Twisting Nodal Superconductors