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Imaging Magnetization Structure and Dynamics in Ultrathin Y3Fe5O12Pt Bilayers with High Sensitivity Using the Time-Resolved Longitudinal Spin Seebeck Effect

Cornell Affiliated Author(s)


Jason Bartell
Colin Jermain
Sriharsha Aradhya
Jack Brangham
Fengyuan Yang
Daniel Ralph
Gregory Fuchs


We demonstrate an instrument for time-resolved magnetic imaging that is highly sensitive to the in-plane magnetization state and dynamics of thin-film bilayers of yttrium iron garnet [Y3Fe5O12(YIG)]/Pt: the time-resolved longitudinal spin Seebeck (TRLSSE) effect microscope. We detect the local in-plane magnetic orientation within the YIG by focusing a picosecond laser to generate thermally driven spin current from the YIG into the Pt by the spin Seebeck effect and then use the inverse spin Hall effect in the Pt to transduce this spin current to an output voltage. To establish the time resolution of TRLSSE, we show that pulsed optical heating of patterned YIG (20 nm)/Pt(6 nm)/Ru(2 nm) wires generates a magnetization-dependent voltage pulse of less than 100 ps. We demonstrate TRLSSE microscopy to image both static magnetic structure and gigahertz-frequency magnetic resonance dynamics with submicron spatial resolution and a sensitivity to magnetic orientation below 0.3°/Hz in ultrathin YIG. © 2017 American Physical Society.

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American Physical Society (APS)








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Dan C. Ralph Group

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