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Formation of the coherent heavy fermion liquid at the hidden order transition in URu2Si2

Cornell Affiliated Author(s)


S. Chatterjee
J. Trinckauf
Torben Hanke
D.E. Shai
J.W. Harter
T.J. Williams
G.M. Luke
K.M. Shen
J. Geck


We present high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectra of the heavy-fermion superconductor URu2Si2. Detailed measurements as a function of both photon energy and temperature allow us to disentangle a variety of spectral features, revealing the evolution of the low-energy electronic structure across the "hidden order" transition. Above the transition, our measurements reveal the existence of weakly dispersive states that exhibit a large scattering rate and do not appear to shift from above to below the Fermi level, as previously reported. Upon entering the hidden order phase, these states rapidly hybridize with light conduction band states and transform into a coherent heavy fermion liquid, coincident with a dramatic drop in the scattering rate. This evolution is in stark contrast with the gradual crossover expected in Kondo lattice systems, which we attribute to the coupling of the heavy fermion states to the hidden order parameter. © 2013 American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters








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Kyle Shen Group

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