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Enhanced surface superconductivity in Ba(Fe0.95Co0.05)2As2

Cornell Affiliated Author(s)


C.T. Parzyck
B.D. Faeth
G.N. Tam
G.R. Stewart
K.M. Shen


We present direct evidence for an enhanced superconducting Tc on the surface of cleaved single crystals of Ba(Fe 0.95 Co 0.05)2As2. Transport measurements performed on samples cleaved in ultra-high vacuum show a significantly enhanced superconducting transition when compared to equivalent measurements performed in air. Deviations from the bulk resistivity appear at 21 K, well above the 10 K bulk Tc of the underdoped compound. We demonstrate that the excess conductivity above the bulk Tc can be controllably suppressed by application of potassium ions on the cleaved surface, indicating that the enhanced superconductivity is strongly localized to the sample surface. Additionally, we find that the effects of the potassium surface dosing are strongly influenced by the presence of residual gas absorbates on the sample surface, which may prevent effective charge transfer from the potassium atoms to the FeAs plane. This further supports the conclusion that the effects of the dosing (and enhanced superconductivity) are localized within a few layers of the surface. © 2020 Author(s).

Date Published


Applied Physics Letters








Group (Lab)

Kyle Shen Group

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