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Toward unsupervised single-shot diffractive imaging of heterogeneous particles using X-ray free-electron lasers

Cornell Affiliated Author(s)


H.J. Park
N.D. Loh
R.G. Sierra
C.Y. Hampton
D. Starodub
A.V. Martin
A. Barty
A. Aquila
J. Schulz
J. Steinbrener
R.L. Shoeman
L. Lomb
S. Kassemeyer
C. Bostedt
J. Bozek
S.W. Epp
B. Erk
R. Hartmann
D. Rolles
A. Rudenko
B. Rudek
L. Foucar
N. Kimmel
G. Weidenspointner
G. Hauser
P. Holl
E. Pedersoli
M. Liang
M.S. Hunter
L. Gumprecht
N. Coppola
C. Wunderer
H. Graafsma
F.R.N.C. Maia
T. Ekeberg
M. Hantke
H. Fleckenstein
H. Hirsemann
K. Nass
H.J. Tobias
G.R. Farquar
W.H. Benner
S.P. Hau-Riege
C. Reich
A. Hartmann
H. Soltau
S. Marchesini
S. Bajt
M. Barthelmess
L. Strueder
J. Ullrich
P. Bucksbaum
M. Frank
I. Schlichting
H.N. Chapman
M.J. Bogan
V. Elser


Single shot diffraction imaging experiments via X-ray freeelectron lasers can generate as many as hundreds of thousands of diffraction patterns of scattering objects. Recovering the real space contrast of a scattering object from these patterns currently requires a reconstruction process with user guidance in a number of steps, introducing severe bottlenecks in data processing. We present a series of measures that replace user guidance with algorithms that reconstruct contrasts in an unsupervised fashion. We demonstrate the feasibility of automating the reconstruction process by generating hundreds of contrasts obtained from soot particle diffraction experiments. © 2013 Optical Society of America.

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Optics Express





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Veit Elser Group

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