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High current and high brightness electron sources

Cornell Affiliated Author(s)


F. Loehl
I. Bazarov
S. Belomestnykh
M. Billing
E. Chojnacki
Z. Conway
J. Dobbins
B. Dunham
R. Ehrlich
M. Forster
Sol Gruner
C. Gulliford
G. Hoffstaetter
V. Kostroun
M. Liepe
Y. Li
X. Liu
H. Padamsee
D. Rice
V. Shemelin
E. Smith
K. Smolenski
M. Tigner
V. Veshcherevich
Z. Zhao


The development of high current, high brightness electron guns is critically important for free-electron laser and energy recovery linear-accelerator light source facilities. In this paper, we will review the technical requirements of such projects and the status of on-going research throughout the community including results of emittance measurements and high current beam performance.

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Sol M. Gruner Group

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