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A medium-format, mixed-mode pixel array detector for kilohertz X-ray imaging

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M.W. Tate
Darol Chamberlain
K.S. Green
H.T. Philipp
P. Purohit
C. Strohman
Sol Gruner


An X-ray pixel array detector (PAD) capable of framing up to 1 kHz is described. This hybrid detector is constructed from a 3-side buttable, 128×128 pixel module based upon the mixed-mode pixel array detector (MMPAD) chip developed jointly by Cornell and Area Detector Systems Corporation (Poway, CA). The chip uses a charge integrating front end for a high instantaneous count rate yet with single photon sensitivity. In-pixel circuitry utilizing a digital overflow counter extends the per frame dynamic range to >4×107 X-rays/pixel. Results are shown from a base configuration of a 2×3 module array (256×384 pixels). © 2013 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Sol M. Gruner Group

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