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A high-spatial-resolution fiber-optic-coupled CMOS imager with novel scintillator for high-energy X-ray applications

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R.M. Baur
M.W. Tate
D.S. Dale
Sol Gruner


A fast, high-spatial-resolution detector for high-energy microscopy work is presented. The detector uses a 2160 × 2560 CMOS chip for fast framing (up to 100 Hz in full-frame mode), coupled by a fiber optic taper to a scintillating Terbium-doped fiber optic plate for excellent stopping power even at high energies. The field of view is 7mm × 8.6mm with a resolution of 9 microns. The sensitivity is 1 e-/X-ray at 35 keV, with a read noise of 2.5 e-/pixel. Standard characterization metrics including dark current, sensitivity, modulation transfer function, and detective quantum efficiency are presented, along with preliminary experimental results. © 2013 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Sol M. Gruner Group

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