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Magic continuum in a twisted bilayer square lattice with staggered flux

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Zhu-Xi Luo
Cenke Xu
Chao-Ming Jian


We derive the general continuum model for a bilayer system of staggered-flux square lattices, with arbitrary elastic deformation in each layer. Applying this general continuum model to the case where the two layers are rigidly rotated relative to each other by a small angle, we obtain the band structure of the twisted bilayer staggered-flux square lattice. We show that this band structure exhibits a magic continuum in the sense that an exponential reduction of the Dirac velocity and bandwidths occurs in a large parameter regime. We show that the continuum model of the twisted bilayer system effectively describes a massless Dirac fermion in a spatially modulating magnetic field, whose renormalized Dirac velocity can be exactly calculated. We further give an intuitive argument for the emergence of flattened bands near half filling in the magic continuum and provide an estimation of the large number of associated nearly zero-energy states. We also show that the entire band structure of the twisted bilayer system is free of band gaps due to symmetry constraints. © 2021 American Physical Society

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Physical Review B








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Chao-Ming Jian Group

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