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J.S. Alden

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Wierman JL, Alden JS, Kim CU, McEuen PL, Gruner SM. Graphene as a protein crystal mounting material to reduce background scatter. Journal of Applied Crystallography. 2013;46(5):1501-1507, .
Alden JS, Tsen AW, Huang PY, Hovden R, Brown L, Park J, et al. Strain solitons and topological defects in bilayer graphene. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2013;110(28):11256-11260, .
Huang PY, Ruiz-Vargas CS, Van Der Zande AM, Whitney WS, Levendorf MP, Kevek JW, et al. Grains and grain boundaries in single-layer graphene atomic patchwork quilts. Nature. 2011;469(7330):389-392, .
Xu X, Gabor NM, Alden JS, Van Der Zande AM, McEuen PL. Photo-thermoelectric effect at a graphene interface junction. Nano Letters. 2010;10(2):562-566, .
Huang PY, Kurasch S, Alden JS, Shekhawat A, Alemi AA, McEuen PL, et al. Imaging atomic rearrangements in two-dimensional silica glass: Watching silica's dance. Science. 2013;342(6155):224-227, .
Van Der Zande AM, Barton RA, Alden JS, Ruiz-Vargas CS, Whitney WS, Pham PHQ, et al. Large-scale arrays of single-layer graphene resonators. Nano Letters. 2010;10(12):4869-4873, .
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Roberts SP, Barnard AW, Martin CM, Blees MK, Alden JS, Ruyack AR, et al. Magnetically Actuated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Nano Letters. 2015;15(8):5143-5148, .