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A.D. Fefferman

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Southworth DR, Barton RA, Verbridge SS, Ilic B, Fefferman AD, Craighead HG, et al. Stress and silicon nitride: A crack in the universal dissipation of glasses. Physical Review Letters. 2009;102(22).
Fefferman AD, Pohl RO, Zehnder AT, Parpia JM. Acoustic properties of amorphous silica between 1 and 500mK. Physical Review Letters. 2008;100(19).
Parpia JM, Fefferman AD, Porto JV, Dmitriev VV, Levitin LV, Zmeev DE. Scaling results for superfluid 3He in 98% open aerogel. Journal of Low Temperature Physics. 2008;150(3-4):482-486, .
Bennett RG, Zhelev N, Fefferman AD, Fang KY, Pollanen J, Sharma P, et al. Mass coupling and Q -1 of impurity-limited normal 3He in a torsion pendulum. Journal of Low Temperature Physics. 2011;162(3-4):174-181, .
Fefferman AD, Pohl RO, Parpia JM. Elastic properties of polycrystalline Al and Ag films down to 6 mK. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 2010;82(6).
Dimov SG, Bennett RG, Ilic B, Verbridge SS, Levitin LV, Fefferman AD, et al. Decoupling of confined normal 3He. Journal of Low Temperature Physics. 2010;158(1-2):155-158, .
Maillet O, Zhou X, Gazizulin RR, Ilic R, Parpia JM, Bourgeois O, et al. Measuring Frequency Fluctuations in Nonlinear Nanomechanical Resonators. ACS Nano. 2018;12(6):5753-5760, .