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A.J. Casey

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Levitin LV, Rojas X, Heikkinen PJ, Casey AJ, Parpia JM, Saunders J. Comment on "stabilized Pair Density Wave via Nanoscale Confinement of Superfluid He 3 ". Physical Review Letters [Internet]. 2020;125(5). Available from:
Levitin LV, Yager B, Sumner L, Cowan B, Casey AJ, Saunders J, et al. Evidence for a Spatially Modulated Superfluid Phase of He 3 under Confinement. Physical Review Letters [Internet]. 2019;122(8). Available from:
Zhelev N, Abhilash TS, Bennett RG, Smith EN, Ilic B, Parpia JM, et al. Fabrication of microfluidic cavities using Si-to-glass anodic bonding. Review of Scientific Instruments [Internet]. 2018;89(7). Available from: