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A phase of matter called Bragg glass, which prior to now had been purely theoretical, has been observed in a laboratory setting. Researchers, including physicist Krishnanand Mallayya of Cornell University, found this strange phase within an alloy containing palladium, terbium, and tellurium (PdxErTe3), as documented in a study published in Nature Physics.
Chao-Ming Jian and his research group study the highly entangled quantum matter and exotic quantum criticalities. In particular, Jian focuses on understanding the topological properties of quantum matter and the universal behavior of many-body quantum entanglement both in and out of equilibrium. 
Researchers led by Cornell have discovered an unusual phenomenon in a metal-insulating material, providing valuable insights for the design of materials with new properties by way of faster switching between states of matter. The paper’s co-authors include Kyle Shen, the James A. Weeks Professor of Physical Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Nan Xue
Dufresne Group

Title: Cutting-edge fracture: elastomers fail from the edge

Title: Electron correlation and topology in crystalline rhombohedral Graphene