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Cornell University

Xiaomeng Liu Facility

B75: The vdW device kitchen

Here is where we make vdW heterostructures and devices, supplemented by shared facilities such as the CNF. Major equipment to be housed in B75 include :

Nikon LV150N optical Microscope

Park NX10 AFMHQ graphene motorized transfer stage

M Braun modular glovebox

Vacuum Annealer

We expect to reach device making capability at the beginning of 2024.

B79: The fridge room

This space is dedicated to device testing and quantum transport measurements. The centerpiece is the Oxford ProteoxMX 450 dilution refrigerator, with a 14T magnet and a

capability of reaching 10 mK. We anticipate its installation during the upcoming Summer of 2024.

The space will be completed with a soldering station, a probe station, and a welcoming discussion area.

B83: The quiet room and more

B83 is an large suite with an entry area, the STM room, a dedicated student/postdoc office, and a pump room. Considering the extreme sensitivity of STM to vibrations, we have an acoustic shield room within the main space, supported by a stable concrete foundation.

Inside this specialized environment, we will install a Unisoku USM 1300 STM equipped with a He3 cryostat and a 15T magnet. It is tailored for the study of van der Waals (vdW) devices, while also remaining compatible with thin film and single crystal samples. We anticipate its installation in Summer or Fall of 2024. Additionally, we are constructing a dedicated liquid helium recovery system for this setup.