Robert C. Richardson

Low Temperature Physics

1937 - 2013



Ph.D., Duke University, 1966.

Nobel Prize in Physics, 1996.

Research Areas
Low temperature, properties of liquid 3He and 4He, superfluid flow in bulk and films, NMR of 3He. NMR, NQR at ultra low temperatures. The group is studying a variety of problems in condensed matter at very low temperatures. The recent emphasis of the work has been on the properties of "quantum fluids and solids" (liquid and solid helium) and on metals and insulators in small dimensions at extremely low temperatures. Future projects will include experiments performed in the newly Microkelvin Laboratory in which the ground state properties of matter will be investigated. Experimental techniques include NMR, various low frequency resonance and bridge methods, and the use of superconducting devices. This work is closely related to the programs of Profs. Lee and Reppy.