Jeevak Parpia


Low Temperature Physics


608 Clark Hall
Laboratory of Atomic & Solid Physics

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-2501

Phone: (607) 255-6060
Fax: (607) 255-6428





Ph.D., Cornell, 1979.


Research Areas
Low temperature properties of liquid 3He and 4He mixtures. Low dimensionality phenomena. Superconductivity. Mechanical properties at low temperatures. Spin glasses. Ultra low temperature physics.

Topics of research include the study of superfluid 3He in confined geometries, finite size effects on magnetic interactions in metallic films, as well as the proximity effect in superconductors and superfluid 3He. The mechanical properties of single crystal silicon are also studied and employed in detection of dissipative phenomena at low to very low temperatures. There is considerable overlap with the microkelvin facility and with faculty in low temperature and applied physics.


Associated with the group are: Gavin Lawes - Graduate Student, Wendy McRae - Graduate Student, Dmitri Ponarin - Postdoc, Evgueni Nazaretski - Postdoc.

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