Eberhard Bodenschatz

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics - Nonlinear Nonequilibrium Systems

Ph.D., University of Bayreuth, 1989. Nonlinear science with special emphasis on dissipative pattern forming systems, nonlinear nonequilibrium phenomena in fluid-mechanical systems, convection of simple and complex fluids, turbulence, and morphological instabilities.

Our general interest is in nonlinear science with special emphasis on dissipative pattern-forming systems and fully developed turbulence. Currently our research is focused on the experimental and theoretical investigation of spatiotemporal chaos in thermal convection, vibration of smectic liquid crystal layers, morphological instabilities in the directional solidification of alloys, the geomorphological structure at the mid ocean ridges, and the investigation of the Lagrangian properties of fully developed turbulence. In this active field of physics there is a very close contact between experimentalists and theorists. This enables us to compare our experimental results with both rigorous theory and general theoretical models. The experimental methods used and being developed are: thermal control and temperature measurements, optical methods like shadowgraphy and video microscopy (DIC, Phase Contrast, Hofmann Interference Contrast,fluorescence), digital image processing, and the development of high speed imagers.

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