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Ultrafast manipulation of mirror domain walls in a charge density wave


Alfred Zong
Xiaozhe Shen
Anshul Kogar
Linda Ye
Carolyn Marks
Debanjan Chowdhury
Timm Rohwer
Byron Freelon
Stephen Weathersby
Renkai Li
Jie Yang
Joseph Checkelsky
Xijie Wang
Nuh Gedik


Topological defects, potential information carriers, were written into and erased from a solid with femtosecond light pulses. , Domain walls (DWs) are singularities in an ordered medium that often host exotic phenomena such as charge ordering, insulator-metal transition, or superconductivity. The ability to locally write and erase DWs is highly desirable, as it allows one to design material functionality by patterning DWs in specific configurations. We demonstrate such capability at room temperature in a charge density wave (CDW), a macroscopic condensate of electrons and phonons, in ultrathin 1 T -TaS 2 . A single femtosecond light pulse is shown to locally inject or remove mirror DWs in the CDW condensate, with probabilities tunable by pulse energy and temperature. Using time-resolved electron diffraction, we are able to simultaneously track anti-synchronized CDW amplitude oscillations from both the lattice and the condensate, where photoinjected DWs lead to a red-shifted frequency. Our demonstration of reversible DW manipulation may pave new ways for engineering correlated material systems with light.

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Science Advances



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