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The Source Code

Hysteresis, Avalanches, and Noise: Numerical Methods

Download the source code

We have written our simulation to be portable to any computer which implements standard C++ and the standard template library. We have also written front ends to our simulation specifically for Unix and for Windows. If you are working on a UNIX computer, or another non-windows computer with a standard C++ compiler, download the unix source code. If you have a Windows machine with Visual C++ (other compilers may work if they support standard C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Classes, but we haven't tried this) download the windows source code.

How the program is written

When we wrote our hysteresis simulation, we chose to divide it into three main parts: the simulation, the data analysis, and the user interface/visualization. There are two versions of the user interface/visualization code: one for Windows, and one for Unix. See the following pages for documentation on these parts of the code:

Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity, now available at Oxford University Press (USA, Europe).