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The SimScience web site is divided into four modules covering different topics. Each module is intended to be self-contained.

The modules are aimed at students with a wide range of ages and abilities so there are three versions of each one: beginning, intermediate and advanced. We intend the beginning level to be accessible to kindergarten students while the advanced level is aimed at upper high-school and freshman college students.

We realize that the speed of Internet access to SimScience might be a problem in some schools. Educators may request a CD-ROM copy of the site. See the Evaluation Notes for details.

Where next?

Well, pick one of the four modules! Each module has its own introduction and help screen. The modules are:
* Membranes
* Fluid flow
* Cracking Dams
* Crackling Noise

Java and Navigation

We make extensive use of Java applets in this site. Your browser must be capable of running these.

We have avoided using frames to simplify navigation. This should mean that the back and forward buttons of your browser work as expected. See the notes on the tips page for more details of browsers.

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