Snap, Crackle & Pop
Rice Krispies
Crumpling Paper

Do Rice KrispiesTM Snap, Crackle, or Pop?

Rice Krispies

If you have some Rice KrispiesTM or other crisped rice cereal at home, you can listen to crackling noise.

Crackling Noise Demonstration

Get a bowl, fill it with the cereal, and pour on milk, and listen.

Just like fire crackling, the sounds come at random times. Sometimes a lot will happen at once, and sometimes there will be quiet periods. Some of the sounds are also much louder than others.

We don't want to say that Rice KrispiesTM doesn't pop or snap: that's a question for English teachers or dictionary writers. What we're saying is the noise it makes is different from pencils snapping or popcorn popping, in a way which is scientifically important.

The way we are using the words here, Rice KrispiesTM crackle.

Fire Crackles! Paper Crackles!