Snap, Crackle & Pop
Rice Krispies
Crumpling Paper

Fire Crackles!


Crackling Noise Demonstration:

NO WAY are we going to experiment with fire! The picture here is linked to the sound of fire we recorded: if your computer does sound, click on it! Listen carefully.

You should hear a general roar: that's the air rushing through, we think. You should also hear some sharp crackling sounds. We think that's when a big pocket of gas explodes, but we really don't know.

Like the sound of popcorn popping, the crackles in the fire happen at random times, with no pattern. Notice that some of the crackles are soft, and others are quite loud. The sounds come with random sizes.

Crackling noise happens when lots of short sounds come at random times, with some sounds much louder than other sounds.

Popping in Physics Rice Krispies Crackle!