Starting New LINUX/UNIX Sloppy Model Projects using LAPack

Here are the steps for how I start a new project under Linux or UNIX, for Kevin Brown's network code.

My recommendation is to have each project in its own directory under SerialNetworkCode/. That way someone who is altering a shared library class can compile all the different projects.

  1. Make sure NETWORKROOT in is the full path to the SerialNetworkCode/ directory on your local machine.
  2. In newprojectdirectory/ put all files unique to this project. Subdirectories here are of course fine, just don't put anything outside newprojectdirectory/.
  3. Copy makefile from an existing project, e.g. OneGeneNetwork, to newprojectdirectory/.
  4. In this new makefile, fix the declaration of DEFAULT: to whatever name you want for the executable.
  5. In this new makefile, change the declaration of ALLFILES to list the .h and .cpp files in newprojectdirectory/.
  6. From the command line in newprojectdirectory/ run make. This will compile and link all the code base shared between projects as well.
  7. Note that "make clean" in newprojectdirectory/ will only remove the dependency and object files for newproject. To do this for the shared code base, i.e. Infrastructure/ and Reactions/, you must run make clean at the SerialNetworkCode/ prompt.
  8. Start debugging, and changing main.cpp to turn it into the newproject.

Last Modified: October 15, 2003

by Josh Waterfall

James P. Sethna

Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity, now available at Oxford University Press (USA, Europe).