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typedefs.h File Reference

#include <vector>
#include "ReactionNetwork.h"
#include "ReactionMover.h"
#include "GnuPlotter.h"
#include "CellAverageObserver.h"
#include "Reaction.h"
#include "Chemical.h"
#include "RateConstant.h"
#include "DataPoint.h"

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typedef std::vector< ReactionNetwork * > vpReactionNetwork
typedef std::vector< CReactionMover * > vpReactionMover
typedef std::vector< GnuPlotter * > vpGnuPlotter
typedef std::vector< CellAverageObserver * > vpCellAverageObserver
typedef std::vector< Reaction * > vpReaction
typedef std::vector< Chemical * > vpChemical
typedef std::vector< RateConstant * > vpRateConstant
typedef DataPointpDataPoint
typedef std::vector< pDataPointvpDataPoint
typedef std::vector< vpDataPointvvpDataPoint
typedef std::vector< int > intVector
typedef std::vector< double > dblVector

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<double> dblVector

Definition at line 27 of file typedefs.h.

Referenced by CMixedReactionNetwork::GetDeterministicReactionRates, CMixedReactionNetwork::GetReactionRates, and CMixedReactionNetwork::GetStochasticReactionRates.

typedef std::vector<int> intVector

Definition at line 26 of file typedefs.h.

Referenced by CMixedReactionNetwork::CMixedReactionNetwork, and COneGeneInhibitoryAveragingDirector::COneGeneInhibitoryAveragingDirector.

typedef DataPoint* pDataPoint

Definition at line 23 of file typedefs.h.

typedef std::vector<CellAverageObserver *> vpCellAverageObserver

Definition at line 19 of file typedefs.h.

typedef std::vector<Chemical *> vpChemical

Definition at line 21 of file typedefs.h.

Referenced by CMixedReactionNetwork::GetChemicals.

typedef std::vector<pDataPoint> vpDataPoint

Definition at line 24 of file typedefs.h.

typedef std::vector<GnuPlotter *> vpGnuPlotter

Definition at line 18 of file typedefs.h.

typedef std::vector<RateConstant *> vpRateConstant

Definition at line 22 of file typedefs.h.

Referenced by CMixedReactionNetwork::GetRateConstants.

typedef std::vector<Reaction *> vpReaction

Definition at line 20 of file typedefs.h.

Referenced by CMixedReactionNetwork::GetDeterministicReactions, CMixedReactionNetwork::GetReactions, and CMixedReactionNetwork::GetStochasticReactions.

typedef std::vector<CReactionMover *> vpReactionMover

Definition at line 17 of file typedefs.h.

typedef std::vector<ReactionNetwork *> vpReactionNetwork

Definition at line 16 of file typedefs.h.

typedef std::vector<vpDataPoint> vvpDataPoint

Definition at line 25 of file typedefs.h.

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