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Cornell University
LASSP -  Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics

Cornell Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics


Stockroom (LASSP Operated Central Facility) Robert Sprankle; Room G20 PSB, 5-3966,

Anyone on campus can use the stockroom. This facility is an open scientific stockroom. It has a large inventory of electronic, vacuum and related items available to facilitate the ongoing research across campus. This area also is responsible for the processing of purchase orders initiated in LASSP.

Main Machine Shop (LASSP Operated Central Facility) Robert Page, Supervisor Room E21 Clark Hall, 5-3524, rtp43

A high technology model-shop staffed by experienced professional machinists. The personnel advise on design as well as executing the needed machining, brazing, welding and other peripheral operations for fabricating experimental apparatus. read more



Low Temperature and Helium Distribution Facility (LASSP) Eric Smith, Supervisor Room H-12, 5-0675,

The primary function is to supply liquid helium for some Cornell science and engineering groups. Also Dr. Smith instructs members of research groups in techniques of handling and transferring liquid helium and liquid nitrogen.

Graduate Research Shop (LASSP Operated Central Facility) Nate Ellis, Manager Room D-26, 5-3951,

A well equipped machine shop maintained for the use of graduate students and other academic members of the Clark community in their research efforts. A twenty-five hour course in machine shop techniques is taught by Mr. Ellis and is a prerequisite to use of the shop equipment. Contact Mr. Ellis for information on course fees and availability.

Health & Safety Keane Leitch, Safety Manager Room 121 Baker Lab, PH: (607)255-8773, Cell: (607) 592-7079,

The safety manager serves as a technical resource to members of the LASSP community in matters pertaining to environmental, health and safety programs. This position seeks to ensure that department members are informed of local, state and federal regulations and University policies and procedures and provides assistance as necessary to promote a safe, healthful and compliant work environment for faculty, staff and students.

Physical Sciences Building

Physical Sciences Complex Facility Services

Provides maintenance coordination, event coordination, lab equipment moves or set ups, project management, safety management, and card access and key control among other items.Please visit our web page at the link above or send us your request at