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Cornell University
LASSP -  Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics

Cornell Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics

Matthew Reichl and Erich Mueller describe new way for lasers to generate flow in atomic clouds

Recent theoretical work by Reichl and Mueller (to be published in Physical Review A) describes how to engineer and probe an exotic state of matter called a "topological insulator" in a gas

Lawler, Kim & Davis reveal mysteries of the pseudogap

Michael Lawler, Eun-Ah Kim and Seamus Davis close in on the secret recipe for high-temperature superconductors.

Michelle Wang's group pioneers new method for studing multiple molecules at once

Michelle Wang and her lab have developed a new optical trap that allows them to study multiple molecules at once. Previous studies had used such traps to look at single molecules, such as DNA.

Kyle Shen discovers atomic-scale switch in metal oxides

Kyle Shen and a team from Cornell and Brookhaven National Lab have discovered a new property of metal oxides that can act like a switch.

David Mermin says QBism puts the scientist back into science

A new understanding of quantum mechanics restores the balance between scientists and the objects they study, says David Mermin, the Horace White professor of physics emeritus, in this

Jane Wang derives physical law controlling the path of hungry Tiger Beetles

Prof Jane Wang has developed an explination for the path Tiger Beetles take as they chase their prey.

David Awschalom to give Cornell's 2014 Hans Bethe Lecture Series

David Awschalom will present three lectures on spintronics as the 2014 Hans Bethe lecturer.

Itai Cohen and Jane Wang's work on fruit fly flight featured in New York Times

Itai Cohen & Jane Wang investigate how flies recover to flight disturbances, concluding that a small group of fly neurons is actually “solving calculus problems.”


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