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LASSP -  Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics

Cornell Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics

Gruner and Sethna part group that developes the first self-assembled superconductor

self assembled superconductor

Sol Gruner and James Sethna are part of a collaboration that has created the first self-assembled, three-dimensional gyroidal superconductor.

Ryan Badman joins grad student amadassadors engaging kids in nanotech

CNF nanotech demonstration - Lindsay France/University Photography

Ryan Badman has joined with other grad students in physics and engineering to engage school kids in nanoscience as part of the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility.

Cohen group reveals the secret of the Oobleck

Shear thickening

Neil Lin and Itai Cohen, along with researchers from the University of Edinburgh, have come up with a unique experiment to explain why shear thickening happens.

Cohen group unravel root cause of plant twists and turns

plant root growth

To feed the world’s burgeoning population, producers must grow crops in more challenging terrain – where plant roots must cope with barriers.

Vinay Ambegaokar Receives 2015 John Bardeen Prize

Vinay Ambegaokar receives 2015 Bardeen Prize

Last week in Geneva Switzerland Vinay Ambegaokar received the 2015 John Bardeen Prize for his contributions to the statics, dynamics and kinetics of Josephson junctions and nanowires.

Vengalattore group develop novel quantum resonators


Mukund Vengalattore's group has developed a novel method of manipulating mechanical resonators to be sensitive enough to work at the quantum scale.

McEuen group twists and folds graphene like paper


Physicists in the McEuen research group use the principles of kirigami to manipulate graphene, laying the groundwork for future nano-machines.


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