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LASSP -  Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics

Cornell Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics

Synchronized nanoscale oscillators may spur new devices

December, 2012: Cornell researchers, including KIC members Paul McEuen and Michal Lipson, have now demonstrated synchronization at the nanoscale, using nothing but light.

Sol Gruners work on X-ray Detectors Featured in Physics Today

Sol Gruner’s work on x-ray detectors is the featured cover article in this month’sPhysics Today.

Rob Thorne Patents New Tools for Protein Crystallization

Drop Pinning

Prof of physics Rob Thorne stepped in to remedy these issues by creating new plates and tools for this work.  His patent was reported in the December 2012 issue ofScientific American.  Tho

Kyle Shen and the “Infinite Layer”

Materials scientists at Cornell have taken another step closer to high-temperature superconductors.  Working with strontium-lanthanum cuprates, professor or physics Kyle Shen and collaborators crea

Kyle Shen’s work on Cover of Nature Materials

Prof of Physics Kyle Shen with a team of Cornell researchers including PhD candidates Eric Monkman, Daniel Shai, John Harter, and Bulat Burganov have recently published a paper showing how many-bod

Vengalattore awarded NSF grant for interdiscplinary project

Vengalattore receives NSF grant for an interdisciplinary project to develop a novel optomechanical system that works with atomic-level sensitivity.


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