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LASSP -  Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics

Cornell Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics

Tomas Arias part of "Flipped Classroom" project

Prof Tomas Arias is part of a pilot project that flips the typical lecture/homework classroom.

Memorial service for Robert Richardson held July 13

Robert Richardson

A memorial service for physicist Robert Richardson was held July 13 in Sage Chapel.

Séamus Davis Images Electron Pairing in a Simple Magnetic Superconductor

superconducting electron pairs

In the search for understanding how some magnetic materials can be transformed to carry electric current with no energy loss, scientists at the U.S.

Eun-Ah Kim and Paul McEuen discover 'electrical highways' in graphene

Three dark field-transmission electron microscopy images of bilayer graphene are overlaid with colors to show diffraction angles.

LASSP faculty Eun-Ah Kim and Paul McEuen are taking two approaches to understanding bilayer graphene and its potential as a semiconductor.

Kathryn McGill attends training on communicating science

Grad students Kathryn McGill of LASSP, and Flip Tanedo of LEPP attended training on communicating science in June.

Sol Gruner reflects on time at CHESS

Sol Gruner and Joel Brock at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source

Prof Sol Gruner wears many hats, including for the past 17 years that of director of the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS).

Paul McEuen talks Graphene and Nanotubes with Discover Magazine

Carbon Nano Tube

In the summer 2013 issue of Discover Magazine Prof Paul McEuen, Director of LASSP and the Kavli Institute at Cornell, gives a Q&A on advances in nanotechnology.

Savage and Cohen find crystals that melt when cooled

John Savage and Itai Cohen have observed an unexpected phenomena in large crystals that melt as they are cooled. Savage, who led the study, is a former postdoc associate for Itai Cohen.


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