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Kyle Shen Studies Electronic Structure of Ferromagnetic Strontium Ruthenates

Professor of physics Kyle Shen, working with other researchers has performed the first first high-resolution Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) measurements of strontium ruthenate. ARPES is a direct experimental technique to observe the distribution of the electrons in the reciprocal space of solids. Shen et. al. studied SrRuO3 which is currently utilized as a conductive electrode for ferroelectrics, Schottky diodes, magnetocalorics, and magnetoelectrics. The paper was published in Physical Review Letters on February 22.

Their work showed that strong electron-boson interactions have an important role in the large mass renormalization in SrRuO3. Local magnetic moments in this ruthenate also play an important role in its properties. Contributing to the results were physics PhD candidate Daniel Shai, John Harter, Eric Monkman and Bulat Burganov.

To read the full article in Physical Review Letters, click here.

Ferromagnetic Strontium Ruthenates