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Eun-Ah Kim, Kilian Weinberger, and collaborators at Argonne National Labs receive DOE funding

Eun-Ah Kim (professor, Lab of Atomic and Solid State Physics & Department of Physics) and Kilian Weinberger (associate professor, Computer Science), along with lead PI Ray Osborn (senior physicist in the Materials Science division at Argonne National Laboratory), and collaborators Stephan Rosenkranz, Charlotte Haley, and Mihai Anitescu (all ANL), have been awarded funding from the Department of Energy to investigate quantum materials.

"This team’s research is focused on quantum materials in which the coupling of electron spins to their orbital momenta is particularly strong. Researchers have predicted that this spin-orbit coupling generates exotic forms of cooperative electron ordering not seen before. By combining synchrotron X-ray capabilities with new computational methods utilizing machine learning and advanced spectral analysis, this research will reveal the ​'hidden order' in quantum materials and thereby elucidate the underlying interactions that would allow them to be harnessed in future applications as diverse as quantum computing, smart sensors and actuators, and low-power electronics."

See the full press release from Argonne National Laboratory here: DOE announces funding for Argonne projects on better materials and chemistry through data science (9/6/2019)