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BRAIN Initiative Featured in the Sun

Today, 11/20, the Cornell Sun ran an article about the BRAIN initiative. The initiative, announced by President Obama back in April, is supported in part by the Kavli Foundation and includes research done here at Cornell by Prof Paul McEuen, director of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscale Science and by Chris Xu, Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics. Check out the article in the Cornell Sun. More details about the initiative are at the Kavli Foundation website.

Symposium to Honor Ken Wilson on November 16

A memorial symposium to celebrate Nobel laureate Ken Wilson’s scientific achievements will be held Saturday, Nov. 16, in Schwartz Auditorium, Rockefeller Hall, beginning at 9 a.m.

Full details and registration are available from the Physics Dept.

A remembrance to Wilson is in the Cornell Sun.

Ken Wilson Symposium

Sethna describes how scientific theories work

Overwhelmed by the infinite complexities of how physics or life or economics work? Prof James Sethna along with Ben Machta, Ricky Chachra, and Mark Transtrum have applied a framework from physics to generalize how we understand scientific theories. They've coined this framework the "Sloppy" model and can apply it to fields as diverse as physics, biology and economics. It is used to show how our theories and predictions are based on a fairly limited number of important factors and that much of the complexity we wrestle with has negligible effects on outcomes. See the Chronicle article and the write up on Jesse Silvergerg's blog. Read the paper in the November issue of Science Explore more on Prof Sethna's site.

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Interview with Steve Reiner

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Sloppy Models

Itai Cohen's work featured in Cornell Daily Sun

Prof Itai Cohen talks with Somrita Banerjee of the Cornell Sun about recent unexpected discoveries in crystal growth.

Check out the Sun article.

Cohen featured in Daily Sun

Andreas Hermann and Neil Ashcroft theorize properties of astatine

Andreas Hermann and Neil Ashcroft along with Roald Hoffmann from chemistry have developed a theory describing the properties of astatine. This radioactive rare element has remained a mystery since its synthesis in 1940. Read more in the Chronicle. View full article at Physical Review Letters.

Astatine ground-state Cmca structure

Tomas Arias part of "Flipped Classroom" project

Prof Tomas Arias is part of a pilot project that flips the typical lecture/homework classroom. Instead of lecturing to learn content material in class and applying it in homework, a flipped classroom uses homework to learn the content and class time is focused on applications and problem solving.

More about the flipped classroom initiative is in the Chronicle