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Jane Wang develops simulation to study how fruit flies sense and react during flight

Jane Wang used simulations of fruit fly flight to uncover how fast they must sense and react to maintain balance.

Read more in the Chronicle.

fruit fly physics

Itai Cohen's origami research featured in New York Times

Itai Cohen’s research into origami mechanics and reprogammable materials has led to articles this week in Science and the New York Times.

And check out this article in the Chronicle.

Miura-ori by Koryo Miura

Davis group reveals that magnetism makes Cooper pairs

Séamus Davis's group have finally supplied the first experimental proof that magnetic interactions mediate Cooper pairs.

Check out the Chronicle for more information as well as the article in PNAS 2014.

Quasiparticle interference imaging of heavy fermions reveals the momentum-space structure of the f-electron magnetism in CeCoIn5.

Mellnik and Ralph pioneer use of spin torque in efficient computer memory

Alex Mellnik and Dan Ralph, in partnership with Nitin Samarth at Penn State, have a novel approach to computer memory they call a "topological insulator." Using the spin orientation of electrons their approach could lead to memory devices that are 10 times more efficient than any other known methods.

Read more in Science Codex.

The atomic layers of the topological insulator bismuth selenide are visible in this high-resolution electron microscope image

Vaezi advances the quest for quantum computing

Abolhassan Vaezi, Bethe posdoctoral fellow in LASSP, has come up with a key piece of the theoretical puzzle in the quest for quantum computing.

Read about his work in the Chronicle.

Schematic setup of a fractional topological superconductor.

Remembering Geoffrey Chester

Geoffrey V. Chester, professor emeritus of physics and dean emeritus of Cornell’s College of Arts and Sciences, died June 27 at age 86 in Ithaca.

Chester's obituary is available in the Cornell Chronicle.

Geoffrey Chester