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John Heron, Dan Ralph, and Darrell Schlom make a breakthrough in instant-on computing

John Heron, a postdoc in Dan Ralph and Darrell Schlom's research groups, has made a breakthrough in room-temperature magnetoelectric memory device.

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The Chronicle

Nature: News and Views

Full article in Nature.

conceptual illustration of magnetization reversal

Tomás Arias - Active Learning Initiative is taking teaching into the future

Prof Tomás Arias is the physics lead for the Active Learning Initiative (ALI) in the College of Arts and Sciences. The ALI uses a combination of the flipped classroom learning method with high-tech tools to engage students in learning. The newly redesigned courses have just completed thier first semester and the feedback is excellent.

“What sold me on the active learning mode,” says Arias, “is that it gave us more time in class to share the joy of doing physics – because at the end of the day, people learn when they’re happy and engaged.”

Read more about the ALI and what other's are saying in the Chronicle.

Tomas Arias

Ashcroft's work on superconductivity leads to record breaking high temperature

Prof Neil Ashcroft's work on the superconducting potential of hydrogen compounds has led to a record breaking high temperature superconductor. Using hydrogen sulphide, researchers at Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany measured supercondonductivity beginning at 190 K (–83 ˚C). The previous record using cuprates was 164 Kelvin (–109 ˚C).

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By Julien Bobroff (user:Jubobroff), Frederic Bouquet (user:Fbouquet), Jeffrey Quilliam, LPS, Orsay, France

Katie McGill featured on Kavli Institute's new blog

Curious Stardust, the new Kavli Institute blog, is comprised of a team of scientists from 11 Kavli Institutes reflecting on work in and around astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience.  Read more about the new Kavli blog, including our own Katie McGill, on the Kavli Foundation website.

Curious Stardust blog

Eric Betzig '88 and William Moerner '82 awarded 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded jointly to Eric Betzig, AEP ’88, William E. Moerner, Physics ’82, and Stefan W. Hell “for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy.” Both Betzig and Moerner received their M.S. and Ph.D from Cornell University. Moerner was a student of Professor Albert Sievers in the Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Phyiscs (LASSP). Read the official Press Release here. 

Check out the Chronicle article as well with more about their work at Cornell.

2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Seamus Davis receives Investigator award from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has selected nineteen Moore Experimental Investigators in Quantum Materials, including J.C. Seamus Davis. Through grants to 11 universities around the United States, this five-year, $34.2M investigator program will allow outstanding physicists to pursue ambitious, high-risk research, including the development of new experimental techniques.  Read more in the Moore Foundation press release.