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LASSP -  Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics

Cornell Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics

Bethe/KIC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Physics at Cornell’s Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics

Cornell University’s Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics is soliciting applications for the Bethe/KIC Postdoctoral Fellowship.

This prize fellowship will provide an outstanding theoretical physicist the opportunity to work with theorists and experimentalists in Cornell's physics department. Our group ( has broad interests in hard and soft condensed matter physics, including: cold atom physics, biophysics, statistical physics, hydrodynamics, electronic structure theory, materials science, strongly correlated electrons, nanoscience, computational physics and superconductivity. We also have growing efforts incorporating machine learning into studies of condensed matter physics.

We actively encourage applications from diverse and historically underrepresented candidates.

2018-19 Kavli Institute at Cornell (KIC) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program: Now accepting applications 


KIC POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS are high-profile, two-year postdoctoral positions with significant independence and resources. The KIC Fellows program is designed to attract the best and brightestyoung researchers in nanoscale science to Cornell, and previous KIC Fellows have gone on to professorships at major universities around the world. Fellows will work in partnership with Cornell faculty sponsors on projects consistent with the KIC mission. Funds for expendables and travel will be available.


Applications will be judged on the qualifications of the candidate, the quality and originality of the proposed research, and its suitability to the KIC mission. Approximately three fellowships will be awarded per year.All Fellows agree to put the KIC byline on all publications and presentations during their appointment.


KIC Fellows will also receive lifetime membership in the Society of Cornell Fellows, along with the participants in other named prestigious and competitively awarded Cornell postdoctoral fellowships.


A KIC FELLOW APPLICATION must have at least two Cornell faculty sponsors, as well as the pre-approval of a KIC executive committee member (Paul McEuen, David Muller, Grace Xing, Dan Ralph, Hector Abruna or Abe Stroock.) The KIC executive committee member need not be a sponsor, but he/she will play a role in overseeing the Fellow’s progress and helping to integrate them into the activities of KIC.

Please forward all materials (pdf format preferred) to:




1. CV, including publication list.

2. One-page description of proposed research. The proposal should have a major component developing or utilizing next-generation tools for imaging/control at the nanoscale. Names of the Cornell faculty sponsors, including the KIC executive committee member, must be listed at the top of the proposal. Applicants must consult with their Cornell faculty sponsors before submitting any materials.

3. Letters of support from Cornell sponsors. A single lettercosigned by multiple sponsors is acceptable.

4. Two additional general Letters of Recommendation (e.g., from thesis advisor, collaborators).



Questions? Email or call 607-255-5580.